New arrival: PTFE oneside coated fabric

With the development of living standards and science and technology, building decoration materials have gradually developed into aesthetic, economic, environmental protection and other functions beyond the previous practicality.

Single-side Teflon cloth is made of high quality imported glass fiber cloth as the base material, through unique processing technology, single-side coated with high quality Teflon resin, to produce a variety of thickness single-side Teflon high-temperature coated cloth.

JOYEE. The development of PTFE functional decorative materials caters to the market demand to create a comfortable and healthy living environment.


Application range of Teflon single side glass fiber high temperature coating cloth:

Single-sided teflon cloth has all the characteristics of Teflon high-temperature cloth. At the same time, the single-sided PTFE cloth has a unique softness and good finish, which is suitable for energy-saving insulation materials. Single side PTFE cloth is used for energy saving insulation, flexible insulation, valve insulation, steam turbine insulation, strip insulation sleeve. Single-side PTFE cloth used for all kinds of valve insulation sleeve, heat insulation sleeve, soft insulation, disassembly insulation sleeve, vulcanization machine insulation sleeve, tubing insulation sleeve, injection molding machine insulation sleeve, pipe insulation sleeve, valve insulation sleeve, energy saving 20%-60%, cooling more than 50%. Heat insulation sleeve The use of single-side PTFE cloth is more widely. In the long-term ultra-high temperature, acid and alkali working environment, the advantage is more prominent.

The main characteristics of single-sided tetrafluorotextile:

1. Used for low temperature -196 degrees, high temperature between 300 degrees, with weather resistance, anti-aging.

2. Teflon surface is non-adhesive: it is not easy to adhere to any substance and is easy to clean; Glass fiber surface maintains the characteristics of glass fiber.

3. Teflon surface is resistant to chemical corrosion and can resist the corrosion of strong acid, strong alkali and various organic solvents.

4. Teflon surface friction coefficient is low (0.05-1), is the best choice of oil-free self-lubrication.

5. Good dimensional stability (elongation coefficient is less than 0.5%), high strength. It has good mechanical properties.


Post time: Nov-10-2022