Teflon tape, Teflon conveyor belt, Teflon high-temperature cloth FAQ

What is Teflon?
PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a type of fluorocarbon plastic that replaces hydrogen with fluorine, which combines with organic carbon. This transformation gives teflon many remarkable properties, and teflon is said to be the most inert substance known to man. Teflon was discovered and developed by the DuPont Company under the trade name Teflon.

How does your company apply the coating?
Yongsheng uses a dispersed PTFE emulsion to coat elastic fabrics, as well as other coated objects such as fiberglass fabric materials, Kevlar, and chicken wire. This high performance polymer provides the product with additional dimensional stability and mechanical strength. The coated object must be able to withstand high temperatures during handling and application. In the process of processing, we use a variety of technologies to improve the tear strength and indentation strength of the finished fabric, so that the finished fabric has conductive (anti-static) and anti-oil and anti-fat properties.

What is the width of your Teflon cloth?
This is mainly determined by the thickness of the fabric required to be coated. You can buy our regular width 50mm-4000mm Teflon high temperature cloth. If you have any special needs, please call us.

How wide is your Teflon tape?
We offer Yongsheng Teflon tape in any width up to 1000mm. Width of 1000mm outside the special specifications can be adjusted production, please call inquiry.

What is the length of your roll?
Our conventional coil length is 50mm or 100mm. Special requests are acceptable, please contact us for details.

How do you make quotations at present?
At present, our products are quoted on a square basis according to the level of raw materials in the market.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?
At present, we have no minimum quantity limit, but we carry freight collect for orders that are too low.

How does the adhesive tape of your company operate?
We operate the silica gel operating temperature up to 260℃, provided to the acrylic adhesive system operating temperature up to 177℃. Acrylic adhesive cheaper than silica gel can bring you a higher cost performance.

What is the minimum feasible width for your high temperature cloth and tape?
You can purchase high temperature cloth and tape with a minimum width of 13mm.

What is your delivery time?
The normal delivery time is 3-5 working days after receiving the order. If you need faster delivery of the product, please let us know, we will do our best to serve you.

How to use Teflon tape?
We recommend that you use cleaning alcohol (non-petroleum solvent) to clean the surface of the tape. Do not touch the surface of the adhesive with your fingers. Any oiliness that may be on your fingers will affect the adhesive surface of the tape.

Can you provide samples?
Yes. We recommend that you try our samples before you buy. Our goal is to provide a wide range of products for you to choose from to determine which one best suits your needs.

Can you export to foreign countries?
Certainly. At present, our company has a considerable customer base in foreign countries, and the whole market share is constantly growing.

What are your terms of payment?
Our usual terms of payment are delivery upon payment.

Which domestic logistics company does your company cooperate with for cargo transportation?
In order to protect the interests of customers, we choose the relatively high cost of EMS. If you think that you are satisfied with the transportation company, please inform us, we will use the transportation company you want to serve you.

What is the maximum temperature tolerance of your adhesive tape and high temperature cloth?
The maximum operating temperature of all our Teflon fabric products is 260℃.

How can I receive the goods faster?
We provide our customers with a free selection of products in stock to respond to frequent orders of the same specifications and timely shipping. If there are products in stock specifically for your company, we will ship them to you the next day after receiving your order.

Do you accept large quantity at a good price?
Accept it. Please call for more information. Can you direct your products to my customers? You can. We can provide direct sales service for your customers. We will ask you about your company’s precise packing method to ensure that we will not reveal any information about our products to your customers.

Do you provide anti-static products?
To provide. We provide anti-static high temperature cloth and tape.

Post time: Nov-10-2022