Brown ptfe teflon skived film tape

FS serives tapes basic material is PTFE skived film.

We passed a special surface treatment to make their one side sticky. The non-adhesive surface has excellent characteristics of PTFE tape. Excellent electrical properties, high resistance to heat, weathering, chemicals and water repellency, nonteckiness, etc.

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PTFE tape is usually sold on convenient plastic spools pre-cut to specific widths thicknesses and lengths. This makes the application quick and easy with no mess or waste. PTFE tape is used in heating, plumbing and jointing applications.

In the process of sales, there are often customers who ask the shelf life of PTFE tape, and according to the aging test of the company's technical department and customer feedback, PTFE tape is indeed a shelf life problem, mainly after the shelf life of Teflon tape viscosity and strength is not as good as Teflon tape in the shelf life.

To say that the shelf life of Teflon tape, you must first decompose the composition of PTFE tape: PTFE film is coated with silicone, and the composition of silicone is characterized by high-temperature silicone. First said the shelf life of the PTFE tape affected by the viscosity problem: over time, the viscosity of high-temperature silicone on the PTFE tape will decline due to time, according to the results of the aging test, we recommend that manufacturers with higher viscosity requirements should be used within 1 year after purchase, viscosity can be guaranteed within 3 to 5 months, and then the viscosity will slowly decline, and the viscosity will be greatly reduced after more than one year. Therefore, it is recommended that customers do not buy too much PTFE tape at one time, and generally use no more than half a year.

Finally, PTFE tape is a consumable, and should be replaced in time after a period of use to avoid environmental influences and affect the production of products, not to mention the use of products that have basically passed the shelf life.


Covering of pressure rollers of heat sealer for packaging food, bags, chemicals, etc, ; for heat-sealing of plastic films; Surface covering of sizing rolls for dyeing and plastic processing; Covering of the roll coater for tacky or adhesive materials; Covering of requiring non-tackiness and plain and smooth surface; Insulating spacer, covering for insulation of wire connections, other insulation coverings.
● Low and high temperature resistance.
● Non-stick.
● Chemical resistance.
● Non-toxi.
● Malleable and non-hardening.
● Withstands high pressures.
● High tensile strength.
● Low friction Lubricating.

Code Thickness Max width Adhesive strength Temperature
FS03 0.06mm 90mm ≥13N/4mm -70-260℃
FS05 0.08mm 200mm



FS07 0.11mm 200mm



FS09 0.13mm 200mm



FS13 0.175mm 320mm



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