Brown ptfe teflon coated fiberglass tape

FT serives tapes basic material is PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics

We passed a special surface treatment to make their one side sticky. The tape are impregnated fiberglass with the highest percent of PTFE coating.It is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless for use in food processing and packaging. These properties make this tape superb for heat-sealing. Use of this tape on the heating element prevents sticking of molten plastic.This tape is dimensional stability, while extra-heavy coat of PTFE provides quick-release surface. Silicone adhesive has good chemical resistance, removes cleanly, and is perfect for extreme temperatures. Widely used in packaging, heat molding, laminating, sealing and electrical industries.Our high quality PTFE coated tapes are typically flatter than skived PTFE film tapes. The PTFE surface of the PTFE coated tape is easy-release and resistant to high temperatures.

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PTFE tape paste roller instead of the traditional PTFE spraying, with convenient, low technical requirements, durable and other characteristics, to make the PTFE tape stick roller service life longer, pay attention to the following technical points:

1. Clean the surface of the pulp drum that needs to be pasted with PTFE tape. The cleaning agent is preferably alcohol and swabbed with cotton sliver. The pulp drum must have a smooth surface, no iron filings, no other impurities, so that the Teflon tape can be better stuck on the drum.

2. As shown in the picture, the rollers need to be partially overlapped when pasting PTFE tape. Use scissors to cut about 5CM of tape than the required length, and take the cut PTFE tape to the edge of the rollers to be pasted.

3. Take the tape to the roller, slowly tear the yellow release paper, and stick the exposed part of the plastic surface to the drum while tearing. Tear and paste, in the process of pasting, you can use soft items such as cloth or newspaper to rub and flatten the roller that has been pasted with tape, and make sure that the two sides of the tape overlap together after pasting.

4. Cut a straight line in the middle of the tape overlap with a sharp box cutter along the length of the barrel. Tear off the tape at A (pictured) and lift it.

After affixing the tape carefully check whether there are small bubbles between the tape and the drying cylinder, if there are, you can use a pin to eliminate small bubbles one by one, and wipe flat.
● Low and high temperature resistance.
● Non-stick.
● Chemical resistance.
● Non-toxic.

Code Thickness Max width Adhesive strength Strip strength Temperature
FT08 0.12mm 1270 ≥13N/4mm 900N/100mm -70-260℃
FT13 0.17mm 1270 1700N/100mm -70-260℃
FT18 0.22mm 1270 2750N/100mm -70-260℃
FT25 0.29mm 1270 3650N/100mm -70-260℃

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